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At Guia Now, we value your insights and encourage healthy, constructive debate. Our comment policy is designed to foster an online community where ideas can be shared respectfully and thoughtfully.

Purpose of Our Comment Section

  • To provide a platform for our readers to discuss and share their perspectives on the topics we cover.
  • To enrich the conversation with a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

General Rules for Commenting

  • Respectful Dialogue: Always interact with other commenters in a respectful and polite manner.
  • Relevance: Keep your comments relevant to the topic of the article or post.
  • No Hate Speech or Discrimination: We have zero tolerance for comments that promote hate, discrimination, or harm against individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • No Harassment or Personal Attacks: Personal attacks, threats, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • No Spam or Self-Promotion: Comments should not contain spam, self-promotion, or links to irrelevant websites.
  • Language: Please use appropriate language; avoid profanity and vulgar expressions.


  • Comments are moderated to ensure compliance with our policy.
  • We reserve the right to remove any comment that violates these guidelines or disrupts the community discussion.
  • Repeat offenders may be banned from commenting.

Your Consent

  • By commenting on our site, you agree to adhere to our comment policy.
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We appreciate your contribution to the Guia Now community and look forward to your active participation in our discussions. Let’s keep our conversations engaging, informative, and respectful!

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